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Emergency phone numbers that need to be memorized in Viet Nam

113:Police Number - 114:Fire Erevention - 115:Emergency medical

Visa Requirement to Vietnam?

Here is the information about Visa Requirement to Vietnam

The entry requirements:

- Passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond arrival date.

- Passport has 2 blank pages for visa stamp.

The available methods

- Visa at local embassy

Please contact the local embassy in the country where are residing.

- Visa on arrival

You can complete your visa application in just a few simple steps, receive the visa approval letter by email in 3-5 working days and print out the documents to pick up the visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.


In February 2017, Vietnam launched the e-Visa program to simplify the process to enter the country. Now citizens of 46 countries, can apply online and get their e-Visa electronically.

What do I need to apply for a Vietnam e-Visa?

You are required to have the following in order to submit your application:

- A Passport (Valid for at least 6 months after arrival to Vietnam)

- A Credit / Debit card / Paypal account

- Digital Passport Scan (main page)

- Digital ID/Passport image

How long does it take to obtain an e-Visa?

It depends on the method of processing time you choose. There are three options:

- Standard Processing: 5 business days.

- Rush Processing: 4 business days.

- Super Rush Processing: 3 business days.

How long is the Vietnam e-Visa valid for?

The Vietnam e-Visa is valid for 30 days after arrival and it is a single entry visa.

The visa cost for Vietnam e-Visa is 25 USD. Additionally, there is a service fee of 20 USD for standard processing. For rush processing and super rush processing the service fee is 30 USD and 60 USD, respectively.

Asia Creative Travel can arrange for you your visa on arrival to Vietnam by sending you the pre-approved letter.  With this letter you can get a Vietnam visa stamp upon arrival at Tan Son Nhat Airport, Danang airport or Noi Bai International airport in Hanoi. This letter is complimentary for our tour guests only.   Upon arrival at your airport, you can expect to fill out a simple form. Kindly prepare two passport sized photos for each traveler and a USD25 stamp fee per person (single visa) & USD50 stamping fee per person (multi visa).

Kindly contact a Asia Creative Travel advisor if you want us to arrange this visa on arrival pre-approved letter once your booking has been confirmed and provide us with the following information:

  • Passport copied

  • Flight ticket

*Special note:

- Please make sure that you have your passport, that your passport is still valid for six months and contains two empty white pages.

- Upon receiving the pre-approved visa, we will send it to you right away. Kindly print it out and bring 2 pictures 4x6cm, show it when needed upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam.

The best time to visit Vietnam

Best time to visit Vietnam is from September to April

Vietnam's elongated shape, stretching from the tropics to the subtropics zone, accounts for the varied climate in the country. Vietnam is a year-round destination when one part of Vietnam is cloudy and rainy, there are other parts of the country that can be sunny and warm. 

North Vietnam enjoys four seasons, meanwhile Central and South have four, rainy and dry seasons. Heat and humidity are typical weather of Vietnam. Since Vietnam covers several climatic zones, the weather can change significantly traveling north to south. Most travelers come to Vietnam from September to April.


The peak travel season in Vietnam

 The peak season is usually from December to February, especially on Chrismas Holiday (X-Mas), New Year holidays and Lunar Traditional New Year holidays (Tet Holiday)


How about the summertime in Vietnam?

The summertime which coincides with the rainy season in Vietnam runs from May to August? Is it a good time for holidays in Vietnam? Discerning visitors often plan a journey to Vietnam with a single query in the head,“Is the summer ia good time to discover the place and enjoy beach holiday getaways?”  The simple answer is, absolutely!”

Where to discover the best beaches in Vietnam?

Phu Quoc - The best beach for the luxury small group tour in Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island used to be an unknown retreat, a hidden gem for those travelers searching for a true hideaway.  Today, Phu quoc has become a premier beach destination with many luxury resorts and construction sites growing almost everywhere. Being the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc boasts dozens of excellent beaches, including Star Beach (Bai Sao Beach) with sleepy palm trees, incredible white sand, and distinctive turquoise water; Long Beach (Bai Dai Beach) - the scene of the most intense development on the island with a wide range of hotels, resort, and restaurant from the budget to the top-notch one; Ong Lang Beach - a long stretch of lovely, sandy bays dotted with black volcanic rock...


Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet - The best beach for luxury adventure holidays

If you are adventure-lover, Phan Thiet with Mui Ne is also an attractive cultural tourist destination with a diverse population of Chinese and Cham people along with the unique cuisine from fresh seafood. Located in Phan Thiet, Mui Ne is one of the most famous beaches in Vietnam for its spectacular bright red sand dunes where we can sled down on bits of cardboard to have great fun as well. The wind can pick up on the beach in the afternoon, the breeze is great but you can end getting sand blasted on the beach in the morning.


My Khe, Danang - One of the most charming beaches in the world

Rated as one of the six most charming beaches on the planet in 2015 (Forbes) and one of the ten best beaches in Asia by Sunday Herald Sun Magazine of Australia, My Khe is worth visiting. In addition to swimming, tourists can participate in many fun activities like scuba diving and observing coral reefs, regatta, flash mobbing and many more activities on the beach. My Khe beach has something to suit all tastes.  Watching the sunset and views of Da Nang City is also an enjoyable experience at My Khe. You can enjoy city views without all the noise from here. 


 Nha Trang - The premium beach for  M.I.C.E

Known as the Riviera of the South China Sea, Nha Trang boasts a six-km stretch of beautiful coastline along with the white sandy beaches and blue water. I highly recommend this place for those wishing to escape the often overcrowded city. Some outstanding beaches are Tran Phu beach and Hon Chong beach, Bai Tru Beach, Bai Dai beach, Nhu Tien beach. One of the most favorite beaches is Doc Let with a lot of palm trees and fishing boats offshore as well as the image of white salt mountains and locals carrying heavy baskets across the fields. Actually, Doc Let beach seems to be primitive and squeaking underfoot as you walk in soft sand will be a perfect escape.

Why you should choose Vietnam for your honey moon vacation?

Gorgeous landscapes for luxury romantic escapes in Vietnam

Despite as a small country, Vietnam has become such a hit in Southeast Asia with tourists by hundreds and thousands of natural wonders, fantastic natural beauty, and cultural complexities, and dynamic megacities and hill-tribe villages. Each region impresses visitors by different landscapes ranging among the three most wonderful destinations in the North, the Middle and the South of Vietnam.

The ideal weather

Vietnam is divided into three regions with different climate and landscapes. The North in which you can visit Hanoi, Sapa, Ha Giang or Halong Bay experiences the most rainfall in their summer months between June to September. Meanwhile, Central Vietnam like Danang, Hoian and Hue, rainfall happens between October and November. Like the North, the South of Vietnam if you choose Ho Chi Minh City or Vung Tau, please pay attention to the highest rainfall in June, July, August, and September.

In each time of year, you could make a visit to different provinces in a wonderful country with your children. In spring, you can book a trip to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy thoroughly the traditional culture of locals when they are busy with preparation for Tet. There is nothing entertaining for children than observing cultural activities by naked eyes and having opportunities to take part in such meaningful events.

Honest locals

Vietnamese people are very friendly and kind. Although they are sometimes quite conservative but still willing to help foreigners. They are eager to help you if you get lost or attentively show their cuisines, handicrafts or festivals if you wish to travel like a real local. Whoever you are, don’t worry, even it is your first time in Vietnam, the locals are eager to invite you to join them at their table with share snacks, attend their family meal or take part in festivals, or even just simply say hello to you in the street.

Various types of travel spots

Naturally blessed with diversified landscapes ranging from highlands, valleys, forests, national parks, temples to beaches, bays and islands, Vietnam is undoubtedly a great destination which enables travelers to enjoy different kinds of tourism. The irresistible appeal of the top tourist attractions in Vietnam such as Halong Bay, Moc Chau, Ba Na Hills, and Hoian has attracted millions of travelers each year.

What to do in Mekong Delta?

Mekong Delta is covered with rivers and canals, so traveling by boat is the easiest and fastest way of transportation. If you have a chance to travel to Southern Vietnam, do not forget the floating market – the highlight of Southern Vietnam. Besides fruits orchards, yellow rice paddies, Southern folk songs, and special regional cuisine, the vibrant floating market is what comes on tourists’ mind when talking about Mekong Delta.

Floating markets have long been an integral part of the lives of the locals in the Southwest from generation to generation. A floating market is a gathering place where the locals can buy their own products and fresh fruits or vegetables hanging on the poles while visitors can travel around to enjoy the locals’ life and buy something. Even you can find some floating bars, floating restaurants and the same kinds of shops as on the land.

Sitting on a boat and traveling around the market, visitors will be overwhelmed by hundreds of different boats packed with fresh and vivid colors of abundant fruits, poultry products, vegetables, seafood, handicraft goods, regional goods or aquatic products.  Therefore, it is always crowded with many retailers from small markets in nearby cities, they come here to get fresh goods at reasonable prices.

Stunning scenery, hospitable locals, the greenness and rural characteristics will definitely ease your mind from all everyday troubles and give you memorable moments.

Do not forget to pay a visit to Cai Be, Cai Rang, Tra On, and Nga Bay Floating Markets.

Weather in Vietnam

Vietnam is divided into three regions with different climate and landscapes. As a tropical country, like other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam possesses two typical seasons: the dry and rainy season. For tourism, traveling in the dry season should be better to enjoy the sunny sky, warm blue seas, and exotic landscapes.

Vietnam is divided into three regions with different climate and natural beauty.

- The North in which you can visit Hanoi, Dien Bien, Mocha or Halong Bay, Ninh Binh and Hagiang experiences the most rainfall between June and September.

- Central Vietnam like Danang, Hoian, and Hue, rainfall happens during the winter months including October and November.

- Like the North, South Vietnam if you choose Ho Chi Minh City or Vung Tau, it is on their highest rainfall in June, July, August, and September.

So if you want to spend your holiday in Vietnam in the most amazing weather to explore all sports and activities, avoid these months.

However, you can choose to visit Vietnam during monsoon months to not only save the costs but enjoy something interesting that the dry season cannot possess like lower crowds, cooler climate, no need for booking in advance.

Most famous drinks for your amazing Vietnam gastromony tours?

Egg coffee

Vietnam is pretty famous for its coffee and you will find coffee shops on every corner of every street. What you might not have known is that there are also a lot of specialty coffees, such as this deliciously frothy egg white coffee which you can purchase in certain cafes in Hanoi. A real treat after a long day sightseeing! Head to the Giang cafe (39 Nguyen Huu Huan) and Dinh Café (13 Đinh Tiên Hoàng) if you want to try it while in Hanoi.

Egg coffee by Mr. Nguyen Giang was from the late 1940s when condensed milk was not as abundant as today. Egg coffee is a mix of the egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and Robusta coffee. The drink is made by beating egg yolks with sugar and coffee, then extracting the coffee into the half of the cup, followed by a similar amount of egg cream, which is prepared by heating and beating the yolks. The cup is served inside a bowl of hot water to retain its temperature. The marriage of the egg’s rich taste and aromatic coffee wafting through the air makes up the specific flavor. Let's wander and enjoy Hanoi in another taste.


Ta Hien and Bui Vien are normally called "Pho Tay".

On Old Quarter of Hanoi, and near Hoan Kiem Lake, Ta Hien has been a famous spot for tourists, especially for foreigners. Moreover, you can explore the street food heaven in Vietnam.

Ta Hien is in Hanoi, what about Bui Vien? Bui Vien is the most interesting night street in Ho Chi Minh city. It is quite similar to Ta Hien, but it is much more vibrant, sounding and complicated as well.

Wine of the locals (ethnic minorities)

With 54 ethnic minorities, Vietnam cuisines will never disappoint you. Each tribal group will surprise you with different unique food and drink.

What about wine? Yes, when talking about Wine sticky, Vietnamese people will definitely think about this specialty of Kim Son province. It is made from the seeds of the sticky yellow flowers in the rural area in the Red River. Under the skilled hand of the locals, combined with natural water, the wine has a different taste and easy to recognize.

But the most special drink that you should not miss is the local wine in mountainous areas. Why is it special? - As it is made from rice or corn.

Do’s and Don’t in Vietnam

With many different kinds of travel spots and especially safety, Vietnam is a perfect choice for a family holiday. However, there is something that you should pay attention to in order to have the most comfortable trip.

- Dos:

+ Dress discreetly in public

Dress conservatively, especially for female travelers and children. The Vietnamese are quite conservative about their clothes, and it would be disrespectful to wear skimpy clothing in public. Dress appropriately not only to feel free to enjoy your trip, but more importantly to show your respect to others and especially in sacred places like pagodas and temples.

+ Be careful when crossing the roads

Traffic jam is one of the most terrific things that frighten foreigners first time coming to Vietnam. Riding bikes or motorbikes will be such an unforgettable experience. But the story will be more interesting when you try to cross the roads in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city. Don’t stop as you cross the busy roads. Frightening as it can be, just keep walking. The traffic will avoid you. Pick a spot across the road, stare at it and keep walking, no matter what.

+ Make a bargain

Overcharging is also one of the most alarming problems of foreigners first time traveling to Vietnam as locals always think that foreigners are rich. However, this issue affects considerably the image of Vietnamese people on tourists' eye when they read reviews on the Internet. Therefore, remember to make bargain whatever you buy, please read the reviews carefully to consult the prices, or just contact us for local tips and tricks at Luxury Travel.

- Don'ts:

+ Wear a lot of jewelry or show valuables in public, especially when in Ho Chi Minh City.

When walking on streets in Vietnam, especially big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, if you wear a lot of jewelry like rings or even make a phone call, you will be a target for pickpockets or robbers. Also when you can't speak Vietnamese, it will be such a challenge to ask people surrounding you to help you.

+ Express the affection of lovers in public.

Western culture encourages or allows people to be free to show their love or affection. By contrast, it is impolite in Eastern culture countries, like in Vietnam.  You can see couples holding hands, but they will not kiss when many people can see that. Thus, avoid kissing your friends or lovers in front of other people at public places.

+ Give money to the beggars on the street or tourist attractions.

Actually beggars are sometimes not beggars. There is another way you can help people in difficult circumstances like donating to the charity. Children are exploited to earn money to groups of people. So be aware of that.

There are a lot of things you should and shouldn't do when coming to Vietnam, but don't worry, if you have any query or need local help, please feel free to call us at Asia Creative Travel to have an affordable, safe and local journey.